INSPIRATIONAL CREATIONS – Trellis Ideas for Indoor Plants

Enjoy the eternal beauty of vining indoor plants with a unique trellis. Get inspired and take your collection to the next level with our Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas.

Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas

Are you looking to take your indoor garden to the next level? You’re in the right place!

We have a treasure trove of indoor trellis ideas that will transform your leafy companions into living art. Imagine your favorite potted plants reaching new heights with a DIY trellis, creating a verdant, vertical paradise in your living room.

Keep reading because we’re about to dive into a world of inspiration with various DIY indoor plant trellis ideas.

From simple, minimalist designs to intricate, ornate constructions, there’s a DIY indoor trellis for every plant and every aesthetic.

These trellis ideas will allow your indoor plants to grow in stunning new ways and add a unique touch to your home decor.

So, whether you’re seeking a trellis for indoor plants or looking to construct your own DIY plant trellis indoors, we have you covered with this comprehensive guide.

Let’s get started – your plants are ready to climb!

Creative Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas

1. Rustic Plant Halo Trellis

Rustic Halo Plant Trellis
image credit: theplantvisual

You can’t go wrong with a simple circular trellis (also known as an infinity trellis). These trellises are perfect for training vining plants with small foliage, such as English Ivy and Hoyas.

Small, tight foliage compliments the halo’s design. Plants with larger leaves can begin to make this trellis unruly and lose its dynamic.

2. Bamboo Fan Trellis

Bamboo Fan Trellis
image credit: boyertsgreenhouseandfa

Bamboo trellises can add an elegant touch to your indoor vining plants. Their intricate latticework enhances the visual appeal of your space, and the natural bamboo colors create a balance with the plant’s green foliage. It is like a living piece of art.

Bamboo trellises can be customized for different plants, providing the necessary support for them to thrive. A well-placed trellis can transform even the most ordinary corners of your home. So, why not give it a try?

3. Think Outside the Pot – Unique All-Encompassing Trellis

Trellis Stand
image credit:

We love this innovative concept that steps away from the conventional halo trellis. In this design, the trellis includes the pot, unlike the traditional trellis sitting on top of the pot. This forces the plant to spill over the pot, creating a new dynamic that creates more intrigue!

4. Hexagon Trellis

Rose Hexagon Trellis
image credit: junglejanis

A popular trend is to use different shapes to add a touch of difference from the standard circle (halo) trellises. The good thing about a hexagon is you can create some unique patterns that will create abstract shapes and designs that can tie in with your home decor.

5. Hexagonal Wall Trellis Indoor Plants

Hexagonal Wall Trellis
image credit: balconygardenweb

Okay, this one isn’t strictly a ‘trellis,’ but we love any ideas that extend beyond the norm. And this concept definitely stretches the idea of a standard trellis. Like the previous idea, this wall trellis uses hexagons in its design. But it encourages indoor plants to crawl along the design as they would in the wild.

6. Custom Design DIY Indoor Plant Trellis

Custom Design Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas
image credit: birdsallco

If you are still looking for a trellis that fits your interior decor, try designing a custom DIY indoor plant trellis to your required specifications.

The above image shows some distinctive copper wire designs that can easily be recreated with determination and DIY skills.

7. Cage House Plant Trellis

Cage House Trellis for Indoor Plants
image credit: greenvertluk

We’re familiar with seeing cage trellises around vegetable gardens and along external brick walls. However, this clever person has taken the outdoors concept and brought it indoors with great effect. Imagine how stunning this cage trellis will look once it is complete and lush.

8. Light it Up Snail Trellis Ideas for Potted Plants.

Lit Up Snail Trellis
image credit: myplantyhood

Even though this particular trellis design is not precisely one-of-a-kind, we wanted to include it in our round-up to provide inspiration to go beyond the norm and try including lights in your design. Doing so gives your plants an entirely new dynamic at night.

WARNING – Make sure the lights aren’t touching the foliage, as it may lead to damage and burns on the delicate leaves.

9. Twine Wrapped Trellis

Twine Wrapped Trellis
image credit: foliagesisters

Besides this adorably shaped trellis (who doesn’t love a heart?), the main reason we included this trellis idea is the use of twine wrapped around the framework.

Twine is a beautiful material for houseplants because of its natural texture and colors. In addition, it has absorption properties that can retain small amounts of moisture that some epiphyte plants can use as a secondary water source like the Philodendron Brasil and Monsteras.

10. Upcycle For Unique Houseplant Trellis Ideas

Upcycled Trellis Ideas for Indoor Plants
image credit: savviestudio

Instead of continually buying new things, try upcycling some items from around the home. This part of a wind chime is placed strategically in a houseplant to add a touch of difference and support the plant to climb up and vine around.

11. Walk Your Own Way with this Upside Down Trellis

Upside Down Trellis
image credit: loving_to_houseplant

We absolutely adore this captivating indoor trellis design. This ingenious plant parent has the trellis portion traveling underneath the pot. Of course, this would only work with a hanging pot plant, such as a macrame plant hanger. They’ve even wrapped it with twine to give it a more rustic feel.

12. Lucky Number 8 DIY Mini Trellis for Potted Plants

Lucky Number 8 Trellis
image credit: junglejanis

Number 8 trellis designs are popular because they are easy to create and provide different interest points at each intersection of the design. We like to extend the number 8 design and continue the pattern for larger plants (picture two number 8s stacked on top of one another).


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