Is Variegated Bird of Paradise Rare? Everything You Need to Know

You are not alone if you are on the hunt for the elusive Variegated Bird of Paradise. We’ve had our eyes on this stunning plant and have recently discovered how challenging it is to locate one. Even if you are lucky enough to source one, there are still challenges to overcome – more on that later.

Variegated Bird of Paradise

If you ever have the opportunity to come across the rare Variegated Bird of Paradise, stop and take a moment to appreciate their magnificence. They are a beautiful creation of nature. And if you happen to find one for sale, grab it before anyone else steals the opportunity from under your nose!

How to Find a Variegated White Bird of Paradise?

A quick online search will reveal several retail outlets advertising the rare variegated bird of paradise. However, after further investigation, the realization is that this beauty is not in stock or listed at exorbitant prices for mediocre quality stock.

So how can you get your hands on the variegated bird of paradise?

Grow from Seeds

Bird of paradise seeds

You may be lucky enough to find some reputable online sellers marketing variegated bird of paradise seeds.

While we encourage our community to experience the rewarding feeling of growing plants from seed, there are many challenges along the journey – especially with variegated plants.

The first hurdle is successfully germinating the seeds. Germination is usually a straightforward process. However, bird of paradise seeds contains a tough outer skin. Therefore, additional steps are required to break down the tough skin, like soaking and manually cutting the shell.

Check out this helpful video on how to germinate bird of paradise seeds by Yorkshire Kris

The next hurdle after germination is keeping your seedling alive. Seedlines are generally quite sensitive and fragile. They are highly vulnerable to sudden changes and are best kept in stable environments, like a greenhouse.

Finally, even if you are successful in rearing baby bird of paradise seedlings, the last hurdle with variegated plants is that there is no guarantee the new plants will adopt the variegated patterns of the mother plant. Sometimes seedlings revert to their original form, leaving you understandably disappointed.

Variegated Bird of Paradise Success!

One lucky community member on Houzz that goes by the name siegle2 was lucky enough to be offered ten seeds from a variegated bird of paradise in a local nursery. Despite being warned that they would likely not produce variegated plants, they were successful with one of the ten seeds!

How about that?! Proof that growing variegated plants from seeds can work!

Purchasing Mature Plant

The best way to add a variegated bird of paradise to your garden is to purchase a matured form from a nursery or reputable source.

The only problem, as we already established, is sourcing one.

Even when you find one, these plants are so rare that the price will likely put a dent in your bank account balance.

They are a rare commodity. If you chance across one in your local nursery, jump at the opportunity. Grab it, and don’t let go until it is safely in your home.

What Does the Variegated Bird of Paradise Look Like?

The reason for the popularity of this bird of paradise variation is the beautiful variegated leaves.

Each leaf is like an individual piece of art, with unique patterns and coloration. The variegated patterns involve streaks of white splashed across the leaves as if an artist had applied brush strokes to each leaf.

Sometimes the variegation doesn’t reach a white color, instead developing varying shades of light green on the leaves. Irrespective, they are equally beautiful and a sight to behold.

Here are some images of variegated bird of paradise plants by Reddit users from around the world.

Images of the Rare Variegated Bird of Paradise

Variegated White Bird of Paradise Care Instructions

Let’s say you are fortunate enough to get your hands on one of these rare plants. You are going to want to treat the plant like royalty.

Here are some care tips for your beautiful variegated Bird of Paradise.

Water Requirements

For outdoor bird of paradise plants, Keep the ground evenly moist but not too wet during the growing season. Water the soil thoroughly and let the water soak into the ground until no standing water is left.

Then allow the top three to five centimeters (about an inch) of dirt to dry out entirely before rewater­ing. You can use the soil moisture finger test to determine when you should next water your plant.

For an indoor bird of paradise, plants, in their growing months (spring and summer), keep the soil sufficiently moist but not to the point of becoming water-logged. Water them until the excess water comes out of the drainage holes. Reduce watering frequency during the cooler months.

Light Requirements

Bird of paradise plants thrives in full sun. They require at least 6 hours of light daily but will grow in partial shade if needed. It should be noted that shaded plants will not experience as much growth.

Fertilizing Requirements

During the growing season, the bird of paradise plants is a hungry feeder. They require frequent fertilization, once a fortnight during spring and summer.

It is the opposite during the off months (autumn and winter). They go entirely dormant and don’t require feeding at all.

Variegated Bird of Paradise – Closing Comments

Variegated versions of the bird of paradise plants are few and far between. They are absolutely magnificent specimens, and anyone who owns one is the envy of all gardeners. They are a highly sought-after plant that commands a hefty price tag, and for a good reason.

Show us pictures of your variegated bird of paradise plants so we can live vicariously through your photos!