When Do Magnolias Bloom? Beginners Guide to Magnolia Flowers

Are you anxiously waiting to see the first flower buds on your magnolia? Wondering when do magnolias bloom? The timing of your magnolia’s bloom will depend on a few factors:

  • the specific variety of magnolia tree you have,
  • the region and season, and
  • the level of care and health of your tree.
When Do Magnolias Bloom

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We’ll be exploring all the different aspects of magnolia flowers, including how to keep your magnolia blooming as long as possible, how to care for your magnolia so it flowers every year, and more.

So if you’re ready, grab a hot cup of tea, because we’re going to get up and close and personal with magnolia flowers.

When do Magnolia Trees Bloom?

There are a few factors that will determine a magnolia tree’s blooming season.

When do magnolia trees bloom

Magnolia Variety

There are over 200 species of magnolia that can be cultivated and grown in home gardens around the world. Which type you have in your garden will determine when (and if) they will bloom.

Most magnolia trees will bloom during spring, when the weather is beginning to warm up. However, the exact timing of when the first blooms will show can vary from early-spring, mid-spring or late-spring.

For example, the iconic Chinese Magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana) will send out beautiful white, pink and purple flowers the size of your hand between early and mid-spring.

Whereas the stunning Star Magnolia (Magnolia stelleta) tends to put on a show later in the season. It is almost like it is signalling that the beautiful warm weather has arrived.


Obviously, the state or country where you are living will have a large influence over your magnolia tree’s blooming cycle. Especially since Magnolias are grown widely around the world.

We are so proud of the fact that we have community members from all over the world. However, this also makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what time of the year magnolia trees will typically begin to bloom. For this reason, we will have to stick to advice regarding the seasons that magnolia trees flower.

Regions determine when white magnolia blooms

For example, in Melbourne, Australia, some varieties of magnolia trees will send out flowers towards the end of winter, when the branches are still bare, without a single leaf. Not only is it a magnificent spectacle, it is also a very welcome sight, because you know spring is just around the corner.

While in Florida, United States, magnolias are known to blossom in late-spring, just before the intense heat of summer arrives.

If you are still struggling to work out when you should expect to see flowers on your magnolia, have a chat to your local nursery expert. They will generally be happy to provide advice about tips for growing in your local area.

How Long do Magnolia Flowers Last on the Tree?

Magnolia flowers generally last around two weeks, before they begin to wither and drop off.

You will get the odd blooms that flower early or later than the rest of the flowers, but it does feel like they are only on show for a fleeting moment.

So make sure to enjoy a cup of coffee by your magnolia tree to soak in its beauty.

You can get magnolia varieties that have longer flowering seasons, which you’ll find further down in this article.

How do you Keep Magnolias Blooming?

There are a few things you can do to try to prolong the flowering of your magnolia. Ultimately, the overarching message is to maintain proper husbandry care for your tree while it is in bloom. Let’s look at the specifics of how to care for a flowering magnolia.

How to keep magnolias blooming


This is going to be beyond your control to an extent, particularly if you have a large tree in your garden. But understanding that freezing temperatures can harm the buds andn flowers of your magnolia may help to explain why your tree didn’t bloom properly this particular year.

Some magnolia enthusiasts take some measures to protect against frost by covering their magnolia trees with protective blankets. It is like tucking your plants into bed and keeping the frost away from the flowers currently in bloom, and the buds that are about to bloom.

Check out this quick video by Garden Splendor Plants, where he shows you how he protects his taller trees,


Magnolia flowers love full sunlight to absorb the heat, especially on colder winter days.

Again, your ability to control the amount of sunlight your magnolia receives is limited. However, there are some things you can do to help ensure when the sun is out, your flowers can reap the full benefits.

Get your pruning of the surrounding trees and magnolias in the early to mid-winter months while your plants are dormant. This will help open up the space for your magnolia flowers, and will ensure it is not shaded or blocked from the sunlight.


Ensuring your magnolia tree is set in the proper soil will go a long way to ensuring it is healthy and displays full blooms each and every year.

Magnolias like soil that is rich in organic materials, and with a pH level that is either neutral or slightly acidic. Make sure to keep your magnolia well watered during bloom, to make sure they don’t dry up and shrivel.

Finally, give your magnolia a good acid-balanced slow release fertilizer feed after it has flowered, so it can soak up and store the necessary nutrients for next year.

Why a Magnolia Tree Doesn’t Flower

Blooming Magnolia Tree

If you have a magnolia tree hasn’t flowered, there are a few things to check before you decide your next steps:

  • check the age of your magnolia – some magnolia varieties won’t bloom until they reach a certain age of maturity,
  • is your magnolia suitable for your climate – if you live in a particularly cold climate, your magnolia tree may not be suitable for your garden. Your tree won’t necessarily suffer or show any distress. But, it also won’t thrive and flower. We always recommend doing a bit of research BEFORE committing yourself to long – term trees like magnolias to ensure they thrive in your region.
  • is your magnolia tree healthy – in general trees that are in poor health will not flower, and the magnolia is no exception. Magnolias that are nutrient deficient, don’t receive enough water, or have pest infestations and disease will sacrifice producing flowers. Instead, they will focus their energy on survival and overcoming the current challenges they are experiencing.

Long Blooming Magnolia Varieties

If you are after a variety that has extended blooming periods, check out the list of magnolias below:

  1. Magnolia Grandiflora – is an evergreen variety that can flower throughout the year. Covered in their glossy deep green leaves, with the characteristic auburn brown undersides. They are truly magnificent specimens when large white flowers dot the canopy.
  2. Magnolia Golden Gift – like the Grandiflora, the Golden Gift Magnolia tree can also grow quite high. However, where it differs is that it is a deciduous variety, that has a prolonged flowering period with small yellow magnolia flowers. Bear in mind, we say small when compared to other magnolia varieties. They are still quite large, being the size of a lemon when fully open.

Common Questions About When Do Magnolias Bloom

Magnificent Magnolia Tree

Are Magnolias Deciduous?

Some magnolias are deciduous, while others are evergreen.

If you have a deciduous magnolia, they will tend to lose their leaves in mid to late-autumn through to early-winter.

While, evergreen magnolias will usually shed their leaves at different periods throughout the year. However, the volume of leaves they shed is much less, and only happens when the leaf is old or diseased.

Do Magnolia Trees Have Fruit?

Yes – magnolia trees do produce fruit that is shaped very much like a pine cone. They measure anywhere between 3-8 inches (7-20 centimeters) in length, with modules that give it a scaled appearance on the outside. As the fruit matures, reddish seeds pop out of each module that measure around 1-3 inches (2.5-7.5 centimeters) in length.

Do Magnolia Trees Bloom Twice A Year?

While some magnolia trees can bloom twice a year, it is considered more of a rare occurrence than the norm.

That being said, there are some varieties of magnolia, like the Grandiflora, that can bloom throughout the year. This will depend on where you live, and the health of the tree.

Do Magnolia Trees Bloom Every Year?

Yes – a healthy, mature magnolia tree will bloom every year given the right conditions. If your magnolia tree has failed to produce any blooms, it is likely there is a problem that needs to be rectified. It is also common for magnolias to not bloom if it is an unseasonably cold spring or summer. This is because most magnolias are not cold-hardy, and they will prefer to reserve their energy.

Do I Need to Deadhead Magnolias?

Unlike roses that require regular practice of deadheading old flowers, the magnolia flowers do not ‘need’ to be deadheaded.

That said, if you are already pruning your magnolia tree, it wouldn’t hurt to remove the spent flowers. It helps to maintain a healthy tree, and prevents disease or mold from developing on the rotting parts of the magnolia.

Are Magnolia Blossoms Edible?

Yes – magnolia blooms are edible. In fact, they have a slight ginger taste to them, and are quite delicious in salads or pickled. Some home gardeners like to replace the pickled ginger eaten with sushi, with pickled magnolia leaves.

They are also non-toxic to household pets, like cats and dogs.