Creative Indoor Plant Wall Ideas – Bring the Outdoors Inside

Get ready to infuse your living space with the serene beauty of nature! With these creative indoor plant wall ideas, you’ll enhance your home’s aesthetic and create a vibrant, oxygen-rich environment.

Are you feeling frustrated with your boring, blank walls and craving a touch of greenery to breathe life into your space?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve been scouring the socials to assemble a collection of ideas by innovative indoor plant decor masters. In this article, you will find creative indoor plant wall ideas to transform your home into a lush, nature-inspired haven.

Say goodbye to monotonous walls and hello to a flourishing, eco-friendly oasis right in your living room. Excited? Let’s dive into a world of green possibilities!

Benefits of Creating a Plant Wall

Did you know plant walls are not just there to make your home look good? They can deliver many other hidden benefits to you and your family.

Here are just a few of our favorite benefits of installing living wall plant ideas:

  • Natural Air Purifier: Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. But they also can absorb other volatile organic compounds, making the air cleaner in your home.
  • Boosts Mood: There’s something incredibly satisfying about nurturing a plant and watching it grow. It brings a touch of nature into your living space, making you feel happier and more at ease.
  • Reduces Stress: Interacting with plants, such as watering or repotting them, can be a form of mindfulness exercise. This can help reduce stress and increase feelings of calm.
  • Increases Humidity: Plants release moisture into the air during a process called transpiration. This can help increase humidity in dry environments, benefiting respiratory health.
  • Improves Focus: Incorporating plants around your workspace has increased concentration and productivity by up to 15%. They provide a restful green scene that can help reduce fatigue.
  • Improves Sleep: Some plants like lavender and jasmine release soothing scents that promote relaxation and better sleep.

Remember to research each plant’s needs to ensure you provide the best care! Happy planting!

Okay, let’s get into what you’re really here for – indoor plant wall ideas!

Vertical Plant Wall Ideas for Indoors – Our Favorites

Create a Plant Wall Feature Window

image credit: House Plus Plant

To create a window plant wall, install shelves or plant holders by the window. Choose indoor-friendly plants like those that love bright direct and indirect light, such as tropical plants. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your plant’s lighting requirements, so check out our beginners’ guide HERE.

If you’re feeling whimsical, try training one of your vining plants around the window’s edge, as they have in the image above. It can feel like you have been transported to the canopy of a tropical jungle.

image credit: Greener Spaces Better Places

Garden Bench Top Tip

If your window receives too much sunlight, install some sheer curtains to filter the intense light but allow enough light to flow through to your plants.

Plant Wall Shelf Ideas

image credit: plant_aholics

To create a bookshelf plant wall, arrange different indoor plants on a sturdy bookshelf, considering each plant’s light needs. It helps if your shelf plant wall is beside a window. Succulents or vines can add extra texture and dimension to the display. Accent your setup and inject some contrasting colors with personal knick-knacks (or even books 😉).

The bookshelf plant wall looks great because it combines vibrant colors with different textures at varying levels.

Plant Accent Wall Ideas

image credit: Indoor Jungle Decor

To create a plant wall with varying accents, challenge your creativity by playing with plants from the same family or genus. You could even play with different shades of colors or leaf shapes as they have with begonias in the above plant wall.

You’ll need vertical support like this repurposed shoe storage shelf. Alternatively, you could use a trellis or wired framework. The next step will depend on your creativity flair. Begin to arrange

As living artwork, it not only decorates your home but can produce other benefits that we discussed earlier, like air purification, enhanced mood, and or reduced stress levels. It’s an outstanding way to bring beauty and wellness into your space!

Plant Wall Ideas for Living Rooms

image credit: Hilton Carter

Looking for an innovative way to separate living spaces? Sounds like it is the perfect place for a plant wall!

The idea of a plant wall between your kitchen and living room is a genius move and a practical way to divide spaces.

To achieve this concept, choose your plants carefully. Usually, small spaces have limited natural light, so adjust your green wall accordingly.

The visual appeal of a verdant partition brings into your home an element of tranquility and vibrancy at once – think of it as bringing outside nature inside.

Plus, because every one of us plant parents knows how diverse our leafy buddies are, no two green walls will ever be alike, so yours is bound to be uniquely beautiful!

Indoor Floating Plant Wall

image credit: Urban Green Farms

Even though we have discussed using a plant wall to separate living areas, when we came across this concept, it was too good not to include it in our plant wall idea round-up.

How genius is this floating plant wall idea? Not only does it create a point of interest within a shared living space, but it also looks fantastic and effectively separates the space enough to keep things intimate for everyone.

Obviously, we recommend engaging a professional to install the floating shelves from the ceiling and always follow the recommended weight-bearing instructions. The last thing we want is to damage your home and endanger our plant babies!

Is it a Sun Room or Plant Room?

image credit: Hilton Carter

Okay, we know this one isn’t exactly a plant wall idea by definition. But there are plenty of plants along the walls of this sunroom, so we think we’re covered. 😏

If you are lucky enough to have a sunroom in your home, one thing is sure – you are probably the envy of all indoor plant enthusiasts (us included)! They are the perfect place to implement your plant wall ideas indoors! Because they combine warmth, plenty of light, and humidity – perfect for a tropical oasis and the critical ingredients for most indoor tropical plants like monsters, philodendrons, hoyas, and pothos.

Just leave some room for your chairs and tables so you can sip your tea and enjoy the ambiance.

Vertical Plant Walls

image credit: Theed Wardian Renovation

Whenever you hear vertical plant walls, most people’s minds would jump to something that looks similar to the one in the picture above.

Even though these are commonly used in commercial settings, there is no reason why you cannot install them in your home. When used with consideration, they can be a tasteful addition, and they have the bonus of usually coming with inbuilt infrastructure for watering your plants – making maintenance a cinch!

As always, use plants that are suitable for the light that is available around your plant wall.

Plant Wall Ideas in the Kitchen

image credit: Indoor Jungle Decor

A plant wall can easily brighten up your kitchen – especially dark kitchens like the one above. Choose a sunny spot, pick lightweight pots of herbs or indoor plants, and mount them using a vertical planter or hanging pots. Make sure these have good drainage.

The appeal lies in the contrast of green against your kitchen. The mixture of herbs adds rustic charm, and the plants invite nature in, creating a standout style statement. With their fresh air benefits to air quality and mood enhancement, you’re set to start each day amidst green bliss.

Succulent Plant Wall Ideas

image credit: Customised.wholeseller

Incorporating succulents in plant walls is perfect for the ever-busy plant parent. They are low maintenance and can inject a touch of green into your decor, mainly if you use fancy pots like the image above.

A well-designed succulent wall acts as nature-inspired artwork that can steal the show in your space.

In addition, succulents are generally slow-growing, so your plant wall will look great for months without needing to tend to any unwanted overgrown plants!

Just don’t forget to water and feed your succulents!

Plant Walls for Stairs and Stairwells

image credit: Zbotanical Land Home

Looking to spruce up your stairwells? A plant wall along your stairs is the perfect way to incorporate some green into your home.

Here’s what you must consider when starting your stairwell plant wall ideas: Select the right plants according to their light and watering needs and your aesthetic preference.

Some to consider include English ivy, philodendrons, or a delicate fern for those darker corners.

Then, get hold of plant pots or vertical wall-hanging planters that align with your home decor. Mounted staggered along the staircase or hung on specially fitted trellises can create a cascade effect.

Make sure you provide enough room between plants for growth without overcrowding. Remember to water carefully without wetting your adjacent walls or stairs.

Sometimes Less is More

image credit: Delectable Garden Shop

Creating your very own minimalistic plant wall can sometimes have a more dramatic effect than an overcrowded, busy design (like the design above).

Here are some simple steps: First, select a bright spot in your house (preferably near a window) that needs some sprucing up.

Pick a combination of low-maintenance hanging plants like Pothos, String of Pearls, and Spider Plant – they are beginners’ best friends! This is where the minimalistic and straightforward concept can shine. Experiment with using only one type of plant and refrain from adding too many colors, shapes, and textures.

Use macrame hangers or simple wall brackets to hang them at varying heights for added effect.

The visual appeal comes from the blend of greenery against simplicity. It gives off these fresh vibes like you brought pieces of nature inside your room but in a curated manner.

Bathroom Plant Wall Ideas & Concepts

image credit: Indoor Jungle Decor

Creating a bathroom plant wall can be a fantastic and fun project to transform your space. Plus, the additional humidity those steamy showers give complements the environment for many tropical plants.

Because many bathrooms can be dark or have frosted windows, we warn plant parents to consider plant choice carefully.

Choosing moisture-loving plants like ferns, philodendrons, or ivy that do not require bright light will make your plant wall.

Make sure these are installed securely on the walls because you wouldn’t want any accidents!

Once it’s all up, you’ll notice how it immediately brings a visually appealing lushness into the bathroom – almost like you are showering in a tropical oasis!


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