Stacking and Extending Moss Poles – A Beginners Guide

Congratulations! Not only have you kept your indoor climbing plant alive, but you’ve managed to get it to thrive! In fact, your vining plant is so happy that you’ve got a new problem – it is outgrowing its moss pole! Don’t stress, this is a good problem, and we have the perfect guide to step you through the solution. Plus, we’ll answer all your other questions along the way.

How to Extend Your Moss Pole


  • Moss poles can be extended using different techniques
  • Extending moss poles is less hassle than replacing existing moss poles
  • Avoid common mistakes when stacking moss poles

Getting your head around how to extend your moss pole may feel daunting, but the good news is, at the Garden Bench Top, we’ve encountered this problem many times. And it is easier than you think.

So grab a coffee, settle in, and let’s get our hands dirty.

How to Extend Your Moss Pole – Step-by-Step Instructions

Preparation is the key when you are extending your current moss pole.

An extra pair of hands never hurts, but that said, it could be completed solo if you have everything prepped and within arm’s reach.

Here is what you need.

Required Materials

  • moss pole extension
  • a rod the length of the moss poles combined
  • cable ties
  • scissors
  • plastic sheeting (to catch any mess that may occur)

1. Prepare and Gather Your Materials

Okay, we know we mentioned this key detail earlier, but we consider it so important that it is worth repeating.

On top of your plastic sheeting, gather all your materials to be easily accessible.

We are pushing this point because we have learned from experience. Believe us when we say we’ve been caught in awkward situations trying to harness our Twister moves to reach items just out of reach while supporting a half-built moss pole.

credit: tenor

2. Secure Rod to Original Moss Pole in Plant Pot

The next step is to insert the rod into the pot with soil alongside the original moss pole.

In an ideal world, the rod will sit behind the moss pole so it isn’t visible. However, this isn’t always achievable, so work with what you have.


Use a garden tool to loosen the soil where you plan to insert the rod. This will make it easier for the rod to go in, plus you can see if any primary roots of your plant should be avoided.

Secure the original moss pole to the rod using the cable ties for stability and support.

Positioning Rod for Moss Pole Extension

3. Position the Moss Pole Extension and Secure

Now it is time to position the new moss pole extension on top of the existing one.

When placing the new pole on top, ensure the moss in both poles is in contact with one another. This will facilitate the capillary action of excess water being transferred along the newly extended moss pole.

Once in position, secure the extension to the rod with cable ties. This is the moment where it helps to have everything within arms reach.

4. Check Stability and Moisten Moss

We’re almost there.

The moss pole is now set up and extended. The last step is to check the stability of the entire pot plant.

With the installation of the new extension, the center of gravity will shift higher. Meaning it is more susceptible to toppling over.

To counter the top-heavy nature of the new moss pole, we like to use heavier pots for our tall pot plants.

Once everything has been settled, it is time to soak your moss in water.

Extended Moss Poles – Frequently Asked Questions

Even though the process we just laid out is relatively straightforward, we know there will always be some random questions that inevitably pop up, so we’ve tried to include as many as possible to create a comprehensive resource for our readers.

DIY moss pole extension

Can You Add a Moss Pole?

Most moss poles can be extended.

But there are some circumstances where replacing the entire moss pole is the better option.

One prime example is if you are using a self watering moss pole. Obviously, self watering moss poles cannot be extended because the extension will cover the top of the pole, making it impossible for you to refill the water reservoir. This will make the self watering mechanism redundant and prevent it from functioning correctly.

In addition, if your existing pole has deteriorated and the sphagnum moss is breaking down or falling out of your moss pole, we recommend replacing it with a new, taller pole (rather than extending the current one).

Your plant will thank you in the long run, and you will have fewer issues, such as poor water retention and unstable plants with no grip or support from the aerial roots.

Do Pre-made Stackable Moss Poles Exist?

There are a variety of stackable moss pole products available in online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon.

We love stackable moss poles because they make moss pole extensions easy by an existing connecting mechanism between the two moss poles (such as an in-built support pole or screwing mechanism).

The only problem is that most require the original existing moss pole to be of the same brand and made to connect correctly.

It doesn’t help those of you who make your DIY moss pole or have an existing one in place.

How Do You Attach Moss Poles Together?

With the method described above, we use an external rod’s support to attach the moss poles together.

However, we would also encourage using cable or zip ties to attach the two moss pole’s wire mesh for extra security and support.

This will also prevent any moss from falling out of gaps that may be present between the existing moss pole and the new extension.

If you don’t see an answer to your questions about How to Extend Your Moss Pole, feel free to contact us via our CONTACT PAGE.