GnatGnat Nix Alternative – Why Can’t I Find Gnat Nix?

QUESTION: What Happened to Gnat Nix?

ANSWER: Can’t find Gnat Nix? There is a perfect reason why. The manufacturer of Gnat Nix, Growstone Inc., has ceased operations and is no longer producing this magically pest control product. But don’t despair. We’ll reveal some viable gnat nix alternatives later, so stick around.

Gnat Nix Alternative

Growstone Gnat Nix Alternatives

For those who want a quick solution to your missing Gnat Nix problem, we’ve listed below our favorite gnat nix alternatives that will help you deal with your fungus gnat infestation.

Mosser Lee Sand Soil Cover

Like Gnat Nix, Mosser Lee Sand Soil Cover achieves the same purpose with a different material.

As it sounds, Moss Lee Sand Soil Cover is a soil substrate used to cover the top soil of your houseplants.

Gnat Nix uses recycled glass (discussed below), formed into tiny particles to resemble a material that ‘looks’ like sand. In contrast, the Mosser Lee product is sand. So why use a look-a-like when you can use the real thing?

Sand soil cover is a barrier between the moist soil and the adult fungus gnats. The sand effectively breaks the grant’s life cycle by preventing them from laying eggs.

Harris Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an organic product containing silica produced from fossilized plankton. It is a white powder that can be sprinkled onto your soil in your pot plants.

It is incredibly effective at controlling houseplant pests, like fungus gnats and ants. When insects come into contact with the diatomaceous earth, it absorbs their moisture and dehydrates them.

Harris Diatomaceous Earth is a perfect Gnat Nix alternative because it will target those pesky adult fungus gnats, and it is a non-toxic, pet and human-safe substance.

NemaKnights Gnat Control

NemaKnights Gnat Control takes a slightly different approach to our previously suggested Gnat Nix alternatives.

Nemaknights employ a natural predator to take care of the eggs and larvae in the soil, called beneficial nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that live in the soil and are an excellent form of control for fungus gnats.

Before you get all squeamish, you will not be able to see the nematodes wriggling around in your pot plants. And, yes, they are entirely safe for humans and pets.

Want to Know How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats Forever?

To completely exterminate fungus gnats, you must tackle them at all stages of their lifecycle; eggs, larvae, and adult gnats. We’ve put together a COMPLETE STRATEGY for Eliminating Fungus Gnats for good. Read about it HERE.

What Happened To Gnat Nix and Growstone Inc.?

Growstone Logo
courtesy: aeroaggna

Growstone was a popular company that employed a patented technology to produce various growing substrates. They manufactured the products in New Mexico but offered nationwide distribution to the US through different marketing channels, like nurseries and mainstream retail outlets.

As you are most likely aware, one of their most successful products was Gnat Nix, a substrate that effectively broke the lifecycle of fungus gnats. Growstone also produced other successful gardening substrate products, such as Hydro Stones and Soil Aerator products.

Unfortunately, Growstone Gnatnix discontinued production because, according to Wikipedia, Growstone Inc. ceased operations on the 26th of January 2019. Even though no more product was being manufactured, the existing Growstone products were still being sold, so you may be lucky enough to find some.

Gnat Nix: The Facts

Let’s take a closer look at the composition of gnat nix and how it worked.

Gnat Nix Close Up

What is Gnat Nix Made Of?

Gnat Nix was effective against fungus gnats because it was NOT made of organic materials. Gnat nix consisted of 100% recycled glass, ground up and made into small granular grains around 1-3 millimeters in diameter. The appearance very much represented one that looks similar to sand.

How Does Gnat Nix Work?

Fungus gnats require moist soil to repopulate. The adult fungus gnats fly around, searching for wet environments to lay their eggs. This is why you will find fungus gnats in all your indoor plants instead of isolated to one houseplant.

If fungus gnats cannot locate moist soil, their life cycle will be interrupted or broken.

This is where Gnat Nix comes into the picture. Gnat Nix forms an impenetrable layer of recycled glass between the gnats and the soil.

Gnat nix also prevents any fungus gnat larvae living in the soil from reaching the surface and transitioning into juvenile gnats.

Common Questions: Gnat Nix Alternative

What kind of sand do you use for fungus gnats?

Any sand not made from organic materials will be a perfect alternative for gnat nix. Fungus gnats search for moist soil with organic materials to lay their eggs. To ensure the sand layer works effectively, you need to ensure it covers all the topsoil. You cannot have the smallest patch exposed. Otherwise, the gnats will find it and continue reproducing.

What kills fungus gnats instantly?

So far, all the treatment methods for fungus gnat eradication take the approach of breaking the gnat life cycle. If you are searching for a more direct approach, try using insecticide sprays or manually killing them by hand. This can take weeks to achieve noticeable results.